Round 15: Homie the Clown vs. Treehouse of Horror VIII

Round 15: 2F12 vs. 5F02.

2F12: “Homie the Clown” (Season 6 / February 12, 1995)
Written by John Swartzwelder
Directed by David Silverman
Showrunner: David Mirkin

Marge Simpson tucking in Homer's shirt.

“Hold still, Homer. Don’t squirm.”
“I am holding still. I am squirming.”

On paper, “Homie the Clown” has all the traits of a typical, and typically bad, recent episode of the show. Homer gets a new job! Homer is subjected to and doles out brutal violence! A celebrity voices themselves. But in reality, this is far from bad. I laughed as much if not more than at any other episode in this tournament so far. The gags, absurd and outlandish as they may be, land just right. Comedy is timing, and maybe that’s what the show has lost over the years. Here, the timing is perfect, from the animation to the voice acting and even in little details like the sound work (like the thuds of the clown college billboard pushing its way into Homer’s thought bubble).

  • Happy Homer!
  • Dick Cavett is one of my favorite people, ever.
  • Too many memorable quotes to list here.

5F02: “Treehouse of Horror VIII” (Season 9 / October 26, 1997)
Written by Mike Scully, David S. Cohen, Ned Goldreyer
Directed by Mark Kirkland
Showrunner: Mike Scully

Homer Simpson thinking of Maggie, Santa's Little Helper, Snowball II and his TV set.

“Little Bart! Little Lisa! Little Marge! And the rest!”

Entertaining Halloween episode, couple of good jokes, not bad, but nothing special.

The winner: 2F12: “Homie the Clown.”


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