The Tournament To Find The Best Episode Thingy There Ever Was


Good news! If you like to read blogs by nerds who created tournaments to figure out which Simpsons episode is the best, you’re in luck. Because now there’s another one!

(I kid with the plagiarismo thing. I doubt he had any idea I was doing a similar thing when he started his tournament. And I wouldn’t be surprised if others have done this long before either of us came along.)


3 thoughts on “The Tournament To Find The Best Episode Thingy There Ever Was

  1. Plagiarismo? Ha! I like it. I myself would have gone with the Plow King line, “There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition”.

    Honestly had no idea you were dong this. I tried this myself back in 2009 but my computer crashed and I was never able to finish. No Homers had one going a few years back too. Can’t remember who won. But that’s good. Cause I wouldn’t want it to influence my decision.

    It’ll be interesting to see if we reach the same conclusion.

    • My goal (despite the title of the website) is not to find “the best” episode of the show, but my own, personal favorite. So I expect our outcomes to differ – it would be pretty boring if they didn’t, to be honest.

      As for the Plow King quote, you had used it already, and I didn’t want to plagiarize. :)

      • I’m a sucker for the episodes that tug at the heart. And I’m not going past Season 8, so there’s a good chance our outcomes will differ greatly.

        Then again, I’m finding that some episodes are so hilarious it’s hard to say no to them.

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