Round 61: Bart Gets Hit by a Car vs. Two Bad Neighbors

Round 61: 7F10 vs. 3F09.

7F10: “Bart Gets Hit by a Car” (Season 2 / January 10, 1991)
Written by John Swartzwelder
Directed by Mark Kirkland
Showrunners: James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Sam Simon

Burns' lawyer and Bart in a wheelchair.

Good episode, but it feels very slow to this ADHD-inflicted person. There’s a lot of groundwork being laid for better and funnier stuff to come. And the ending with Homer and Marge at Moe’s is beautiful.

  • -“You sure have got some education, Mr. Hutz.”
    -“Yes– Harvard, Yale, M.I.T., Oxford, the Sorbonne, the Louvre.”

3F09: “Two Bad Neighbors” (Season 7 / January 14, 1996)
Written by Ken Keeler
Directed by Wes Archer
Showrunners: Bill Oakley & Josh Weinstein


“Great Scott, don’t touch that. That’s the alpenhorn Helmut Kohl gave me.”

I like this episode. Like Frank Grimes, George Bush is a real person who gets dropped into the Simpsons’ universe, and that’s always fun. The whole Dennis the Menace thing works really well, too.

  • Listen to the commentary to hear the story of Wes Archer’s real-life encounter with the Bush family, as well as references to how a certain, unnamed cast member wasn’t a big fan of the episode.
  • -“You could hand out these fliers for the neighborhood rummage sale. You’d get some fresh air and excercise.”
    -“Eh…I’ll do it anyway.”

The winner: 3F09, “Two Bad Neighbors.”