Round 83: Mother Simpson vs. Much Apu About Nothing

Round 83: 3F06 vs. 3F20.

3F06: “Mother Simpson” (Season 7 / November 19, 1995)
Written by Richard Appel
Directed by David Silverman
Showrunners: Bill Oakley & Josh Weinstein

Homer Simpson sitting on his car under a starry sky

Before I watched this one again I endured the latest episode from season 25 (“YOLO,” sigh.) and what struck me comparing the two was just how utterly beautiful the show used to look. “Mother Simpsons” features awe-inspiring drawing, staging, acting, modeling and painting. as it’s to be expected from the genius that is David Silverman. But of course the writing is at the same, high level. The episode is flat-out funny, tells a great story, had me emotionally invested in the characters and has many quotable lines throughout.

  • “We are richer for having lost him.”
  • Great eye acting!
  • “Damn you, Walt Whitman!”

3F20: “Much Apu About Nothing” (Season 7 / May 5, 1996)
Written by David S. Cohen
Directed by Susie Dietter
Showrunners: Bill Oakley & Josh Weinstein

Homer Simpson teaching Apu about America

And again I have to decide between two equally great episodes. I laughed more during this one than during “Mother Simpson,” and I like the social/political commentary in “Much Apu,” so I’m leaning towards it, but that really shouldn’t take anything away from 3F06. They are both near perfect episodes.

  • Everything involving the bear is awesome.
  • “Book him, Lou. One count of being a bear. And one count of being an accessory to being a bear.”
  • “Let the bears pay the bear tax. I pay the Homer tax.”
  • -“There is not nearly enough time to learn over 200 years of American history.”
    -“Oh, it can’t be that many.”

The winner: 3F20, “Much Apu About Nothing.”