Round 40: Moaning Lisa vs. Dead Putting Society

Round 40: 7G06 vs. 7F08.

7G06: “Moaning Lisa” (Season 1 / February 11, 1990)
Written by Al Jean & Mike Reiss
Directed by Wesley Archer
Showrunners: James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Sam Simon

Drunkards and barflies in Moe's Tavern.

“Today’s fire raced through downtown Springfield, gutting Symphony Hall, the Springfield Museum of Natural History, the Springfield Arts Center and Barney’s Bowl-a-rama.”

An important episode, for both the show as a whole and for the development of some of the characters, especially Lisa. “Moaning Lisa” was a clear statement that The Simpsons wouldn’t just be a silly cartoon show, but one that could have real emotional impact, and a story to tell.

  • I want to play that boxing game. I hate boxing and I never play video games, but that one looks like fun. Also I love that 8-bit music.

7F08: “Dead Putting Society” (Season 2 / November 15, 1990)
Written by Jeff Martin
Directed by Rich Moore
Showrunners: James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Sam Simon

Bart and Lisa Simpson overlooking Springfield

“What’s the sound of one hand clapping?”

Lovely little episode. Still rough around the edges, especially Homer and Flanders are not entirely who they’d later become, yet, but it’s an entertaining show, quite funny, and with a great resolution at the end.

  • Gotta love that couch (non-)gag.
  • “It’s times like this that I’m thankful Dad has little to no interest in almost everything I do.”
  • “Newsflash, Lisa! Bart is not a horse.”
  • “I can’t believe it. You actually found a practical use for geometry.”
  • “Forgive an old Brit for crying, but this is the most stirring display of gallantry and sportsmanship since Mountbatten gave India back to the Punjabs.”

The winner: 7F08, “Dead Putting Society.”