Round 38: The Way We Was vs. The Canine Mutiny

Round 38: 7F12 vs. 4F16.

7F12: “The Way We Was” (Season 2 / January 31, 1991)
Written by Al Jean, Mike Reiss, Sam Simon
Directed by David Silverman
Showrunners: James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Sam Simon

Young Homer Simpson walking in the moonlight.

There’s not one wrong note to be found in this episode. The Simpsons is called an “animated sitcom,” but “The Way We Was” is so much more than just a couple of jokes and “comedic situations.” The story of how Homer and Marge first met is moving, sweet, and funny. The animation, the character designs, the performances, the music… everything comes together beautifully to create one of the best things to ever appear on television.

  • I love that Homer cheers for Marge when she is crowned prom queen, instead of being upset about Artie Ziff being crowned prom king.

4F16: “The Canine Mutiny” (Season 8 / April 13, 1997)
Written by Ron Hauge
Directed by Dominic Polcino
Showrunners: Bill Oakley & Josh Weinstein


Loved this one from start to finish. It’s a wonderful, very funny episode, and it would have won against many episodes that have already advanced, but sadly it can’t win against “The Way We Was.” This one is great, but the former is even greater.

  • I think my favorite moment – and there are many contenders – is Lisa being hopped up on pep pills. Perfect bit of acting from Yeardley Smith.
  • I don’t have much else to say about this one, really. There are no nits to be picked, and too much good stuff to list here. Just… just watch it again, if you haven’t in a while.

The winner: 7F12, “The Way We Was.”