Round 71: Margical History Tour vs. Dial “N” for Nerder

Round 71: FABF06 vs. KABF07.

FABF06: “Margical History Tour” (Season 15 / February 8, 2004)
Written by Brian Kelley
Directed by Mike B. Anderson
Showrunner: Al Jean

Bart Simpson, as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, dying

I get why the writers like to stick our familiar characters into historic settings every once in a while, and there’s some fun stuff here, but overall I can live without these anthology episodes. And, this being season 15, there are of course a few crude jokes that probably replaced better ones in the last draft of the script, like Lisa trying to grow a penis. Sigh.

KABF07: “Dial ‘N’ for Nerder” (Season 19 / March 9, 2008)
Written by Carolyn Omine & William Wright
Directed by Bob Anderson
Showrunner: Al Jean

Nelson Muntz as Lieutenant Columbo

Bart and Lisa’s story is pretty solid for an episode so far into Zombie Simpsons territory, but it can’t redeem the awfulness that is the Homer and Marge plot.

The winner: FABF06, “Margical History Tour.”