Round 73: E. Pluribus Wiggum vs. Homer Loves Flanders

Round 73: KABF03 vs. 1F14.

KABF03: “E. Pluribus Wiggum” (Season 19 / January 6, 2008)
Written by Michael Price
Directed by Michael Polcino
Showrunner: Al Jean

Ralph Wiggum surrounded by cameras and microphones

You know how when George Lucas first wrote Star Wars it was pretty terrible but as he started showing the script to people he got all sorts of input and made changes to it and it go better but then when he became super rich and successful he decided he didn’t want anybody else’s opinion on anything ever again so he wrote and directed Episode I pretty much in a vacuum, only surrounded by a bunch of yea-sayers who only encouraged him and all his dumb ideas?

You know?

1F14: “Homer Loves Flanders” (Season 5 / March 17, 1994)
Written by David Richardson
Directed by Wes Archer
Showrunner: David Mirkin

Homer Simpson chasing after Rod and Todd Flanders with golf clubs, Terminator 2 style

Huh. Not really feeling this one, either. Some clever jokes and references, but overall I just don’t like this episode very much.

The winner: 1F14, “Homer Loves Flanders.”