Round 81: Rosebud vs. Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-D’oh

Round 81: 1F01 vs. LABF10.

1F01: “Rosebud” (Season 5 / October 21, 1993)
Written by John Swartzwelder
Directed by Wes Archer
Showrunner: David Mirkin

Homer Simpson discovering Mr. Burns' teddy bear Bobo

Looking at this frame, and the whole episode for that matter, I had a thought. You could show “Rosebud” (and other great Simpsons episodes) to someone who has never seen it, without the sound, and not only would they be fully able to follow the story, they’d enjoy it, too.  Not to take anything away from the words written by the writers and spoken by the actors, the images drawn and animated by the director and his countless helpers stand as works of art by themselves.

I don’t believe that the digital animation process the show has employed since season 14 prohibits the animators from coming up with equally beautiful imagery. I do believe, however, that it’s a lot harder to do so, and unfortunately the areas that most benefit from a certain human touch are the very same digital ink and paint  take the human element away from.

LABF10: “Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-D’oh” (Season 20 / May 3, 2009)
Written by J. Stewart Burns
Directed by Michael Polcino
Showrunner: Al Jean

Simpsons dog Santas Little Helper scratching on the paved lawn

Hey, if they can be lazy in writing them, I can be lazy in reviewing them.

The winner: 1F01 “Rosebud.”

A quick note regarding the bracket: Since I cheated and gave Round 80‘s win to the runner-up from Round 79, I had to fidget with the way that episode advanced into the 128th-final. (If I hadn’t, Round 79 would just be repeated in the next phase.) So what I did is place 1F22 where the winner from this round would have gone, and 1F01 will take the place where Round 80’s winner would be. Exciting, I know.